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Since the world has turned to the internet for everything under the sun, sports enthusiasts who are into betting have found alternatives to the traditional bookmaker. With an attempt to offer pure profits with no gimmicks the Book Keeper was started way back in 1998.  We have kept our approach simple with our main focus on providing players the benefits by offering them the best odds. Our sincere and transparent form of functioning has made us immensely popular among players.

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Based in the UK, we are the proud winners of several awards in the Global Gaming field for ethical practices and for bringing innovation to the method of functioning. Operating with an authorized license, our registration number is B12345, we are committed to providing the best odds in a wide range of popular sports.

Our commitment to providing complete entertainment for our patrons includes several pre-game betting and another in-play live betting. There are also several promotions and offers available regularly on our site for our regular players and some exclusive offers for our new members.

We love the sport in its pristine form and encourage fair play everywhere every time. We have taken the onus of encouraging sports and sponsor not only top athletes and teams but also local community events and activities. It is no wonder that from our humble beginnings today we are one of the most popular gaming sites in the town. We have a multiracial team from diverse backgrounds who work cohesively as one unit to provide the best customer experience that is hailed by many.

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 We realize the need for information from our patrons and have gone that extra mile to provide one stop for all their queries. We have designated pages that have overviews of upcoming fixtures, tips, and other competitions for the players. And we also provide reviews on bookmakers to make your journey in the betting world a truly seamless experience.

Five Tips To Bet Successfully In Soccer For Beginners

    1. Strategies for beginners
    2. Soccer has a global audience and that is probably one of the reasons that soccer betting is immensely popular. While there is a lot of money involved in soccer betting not everyone is able to make a dime. If you are one of the many who wants to turn their passion for the game into a more profitable venture then read on and gain some tips on how you can improve your fortunes in the betting world. But before we proceed you must understand that there is no magic wand that will transform your fortunes or your wins; what we are going to lay down are some basic ground rules which if followed will lead you on the right path but reaching your goal is a personal exercise and the learning curve varies from person to person. Here we will just learn the ABC of soccer betting and not let the more complicated strategies unnerve you.

Typically, people bet based on the performance of a team in a season. For example, it is natural to bet on a team that has won all its matches in the season than on the team that is struggling to find its rhythm. You must keep in mind that you do not bet you're all on the consistent team just because they are the most likely to win; we have seen in this world cup how the tables can be turned by even unseemingly strong teams. On the other hand, even a small amount on the weaker team can be beneficial because you stand to gain more when compared to what you bet. This just means that you are looking for opportunities where the results are different from what is normally assumed and betting accordingly.

While it is true and fair enough to accept that a stronger team will win, the ultimate results depends not just on the team and its star players as seen in the lackluster performance of Argentina, where Messi alone could not steer the team to victory, but also on the situations on the day of the game. The external factors make it very difficult to predict the results but some knowledge will help in making informed choices. By identifying the elements that might influence a game and the extent to which they will impact the game you will have to make a decision.

As a beginner, it is prudent to follow betters who are doing well. There is a lot of money involved here and big bettors will not part with their money without proper research. So, it is safe to a certain extent to follow their path. Sometimes these bettors pump in so much money that betting sites are forced to make changes to their lines and odds. One of the drawbacks to this strategy is that you must constantly pay heed to the odds and lines so as to not miss the change when it happens. Another related misfortune is that the steam moves, as the changes to the odds and lines are called are visible only when it is too late in most cases. Having said that, this strategy is still one that can get you profits if all augurs well.

Another strategy that involves minimal risk, the betting middles is about betting on both sides of a game based on the opportunities provided during a game. If you keep a constant watch on the steam move, you will spot these opportunities and you can bet on both sides of a game. The advantage with this method is that you will in the worst-case scenario win at least one wager and in the best circumstance win both.

This may be the simplest of the lot because all that you have to do is to go through the results of the previous games in a season and identify the teams that underperformed, didn’t live up to expectations and surprised everyone. According to the rebound theory teams which perform badly always bounce back stronger and are in a better position to win because most often setbacks motivate a team to excel. Of course, the glaring flaw here is that some teams buckle under pressure and feel so burdened by a loss that they just don’t pick themselves up. Hence, ideally, you must seek out for all these clues and then put together all the information you have and then wager an informed bet to get some profits.

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